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POSTED 12.09.2020
Rossetti’s strength is designing for revenue generation. “It’s our approach for every type of design opportunity, whether it’s for a sports district, venue, or hospitality space,” Matt Rossetti said. “When I look back at the firm’s history, these two ingredients were there all along, but it’s really been in the last 15-20 years that experience and value have become completely integrated into our design thinking.” Newly renovated Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
POSTED 10.14.2020
The architectural design industry has struggled with diversity and inclusion, particularly for people of color.  As an example, only 2% of licensed architects in the U.S. are African American*. This issue is especially notable in the City of Detroit, where the population of African Americans is 78.6%**.  The issues and barriers to architecture are complex and deeply ingrained.
POSTED 10.14.2020
There are few sports that capture the imagination of a global audience. Tennis is played in most countries and by every generation, inspiring a wider audience through media and competitive tennis events. Of these competitions, there is none larger or more important than the US Open, the fourth, final and largest Grand Slam tennis event in the world.
POSTED 10.08.2020
Properly engaging stakeholders is perhaps some of the most important work to be done in planning any community. Engagement gives residents, organizations, and business owners a voice in the planning process, encourages a diversity of perspectives and generates buy-in for plans. It gives elected officials the confidence that the plans moving forward have been reviewed by an engaged citizenship. The Urban Planning team at ROSSETTI not only takes this phase of each project seriously, we enjoy working with communities and receiving the input to our plans.
POSTED 09.30.2020
The ROSSETTI team is so proud of Laura Bade who was recently awarded the Crain’s 2020 Notable Women In Design Award. Laura weaves architecture together with graphic, interior and industrial design to create bold visual solutions for ROSSETTI’s clients. Her background in environmental graphics and wayfinding assists the design team in shaping ideas that communicate experiences, brand and legacy. Some of Laura’s work includes Henry Ford Detroit Pistons Performance Center, Jim Brady’s Restaurants, Stockholm Globe Arenas and USTA National Tennis Center + Stadium District.