Our office is located in the heart of downtown Detroit. We live here. We work here. We play here. We have successfully partnered with local developers and city leaders on multiple efforts, including small-scale restaurants to large-scale urban design efforts. While supporting Detroit’s revitalization and its mission to attract businesses and residents to the downtown area, we also proudly celebrate the city’s unique history and character.


Globally, ROSSETTI is known as an expert in the design of sports and entertainment venues and districts. However, our work in Detroit is aimed at providing a strong local impact on culture and economic vitality. This endeavor has included partnerships with Detroit’s professional sports teams to locate the organizations’ venues and headquarters downtown. Our urban planning work is reflective of the City of Detroit’s goals to create a sense of community through connectivity, sustainability and diversity. On a micro level, our hospitality expertise and high-level attention to detail and craftsmanship has contributed to the adaptive reuse of historic landmarks into sophisticated restaurants and office spaces. We thrive in taking on the challenge of any project type in Detroit that will attract new businesses and residents while supporting those that have been here for decades.


ROSSETTI was founded in Detroit in 1969, and we continue to maintain that sense of pride in our city. As one of the top cities in the United States for economic growth potential, we are active in the revitalization of Detroit. In 2013, we moved our office from Southfield, Michigan to the Federal Reserve Building in downtown Detroit. In addition to occupying a full floor in the building, we led the renovation of the full property into offices with a restaurant and courtyard to activate the ground level. Furthermore, we have contributed to many spaces and places in the city through a variety of scales, from Ford Field to boutique restaurants and offices. Combined with our location, our work within the city has drawn more businesses, residents and visitors downtown. We are proud of our contribution to the city, and we are committed to maintaining our active presence in Detroit.


The ROSSETTI legacy is based on a deep understanding of the clients and interpreting their individual aspirations for a transformative impact. It began in 1929 when Louis Rossetti was invited to develop an architecture division at the new engineering firm of Giffels & Vallet in Detroit. His son, Louis “Gino” Rossetti was immersed in technical design for large projects while working with his father and in 1969, started Rossetti Associates in Detroit to be more involved in immersive and forward-thinking design. Aligned with his grandfather and father culturally, Matt Rossetti assumed leadership in 1999 and changed the firm name to ROSSETTI, still located in Detroit, to combine his passion for sports and entertainment with architecture and design. Matt believes that in order for architecture to remain relevant, it must move beyond the parameters of form and function. He created a highly prescriptive process of discovery, unlocking the value proposition for clients. This strategic design process has led to highly innovative and transformative projects at the macro and micro level.