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Louis Armstrong Stadium

winner of unesco's prix versailles award 

Louis Armstrong Stadium has won numerous awards for its innovative design as the first naturally ventilated tennis stadium with a retractable roof in the world. Recently, the stadium won the prestigious Prix Versailles Award in the Sports Category - Interior. The award was founded by UNESCO to recognize buildings that are beautiful, sustainable, and function at optimum levels for commerce. The stadium also won an AIA Detroit Building Award with recognition for its sustainability. 

The vision of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) is for the stadium to host tennis matches in an open, day-lit outdoor environment, as much as possible, and provide weather protection only when necessary. In keeping with this vision, ROSSETTI designed Louis Armstrong Stadium with an operable roof as well as a naturally ventilated bowl. The design offers a unique solution that is true to the outdoor nature of the tournament by allowing play to continue during rain. On each side of the stadium, the facades are covered with 14,250 overlapping terracotta louvers, optimally positioned to keep rain out and shade the sun, yet porous to maintain natural ventilation. The louvers allow air flow through the upper part of the building on the north and south elevations while protecting the court from the rain and shading spectators from the sun. The design of the stadium uses a perforated seating bowl that allows air to pass through underground air pathways and into the lowermost seating. The concourse levels are designed to be open around the entire perimeter to allow for maximum airflow into the stadium from all sides and into the spectator areas.

Armstrong Stadium is certified LEED Silver.