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International Bancard

Functional work environment doubles as showpiece for clients

ROSSETTI designers were challenged to create a functional work environment that also doubles as a showpiece for potential clients. The 7th floor, which houses the customer service and credit card processing department was designed to be functional and inspiring for employees through the use of bright colors, open workrooms, and a variety of third spaces. The 8th floor serves as the showpiece, reflecting a more sophisticated aesthetic by pairing rough industrial remnants with brick and rich wood. A wood trellis runs through the core of the space uniting the reception, workspaces, and the CEO’s office. Both floors are unified by orange piping installations by Detroit Artist, Aaron Jones and slotted vertical wood paneling, which were both inspired by coding and data being transferred through wires. 

IBC's new headquarters in the thriving technology corridor of Detroit was a strategic decision to showcase the company’s abilities on a local and national level. The new space has allowed International Bancard to rapidly increase the growth of their business and position themselves as an international leader in credit card processing.