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The Digital Cloud

ROSSETTI developed conceptual planning for this confidential 1,500-12,000 seat multi-functional arena. This technology-driven venue is designed to host a wide range of spectator events from a permanent eSports tenant and sporting events to theatrical performances, conventions, concerts, trade-shows, and banquets. To support the variety of uses, a partition wall system will divide the venue into five acoustically separate spaces to allow multiple events to occur simultaneously. Spaces can be configured into 1,500, 7,500, 10,000 and 12,000 seat spaces. To achieve flexibility on the event level, the venue will have a partially telescopic lower bowl. The first twelve rows of the event level seating bowl will be retractable - allowing for an open floor configuration. A full theater grid system will allow for specialized lighting and rigging across the venue. The ceiling system will also support movable video board displays and immersive media displays.