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Brush + Watson Mixed-use Development

contextual design + cultural relevance

The ROSSETTI team, in partnership with developer Woodborn Partners and D.C. firm Marshall Moya Design, developed planning and design concepts for the corner of Brush and Watson, located in Detroit’s historic Brush Park neighborhood.  

Our vision for Brush + Watson focused on activating the entire perimeter to engage the surrounding neighborhood and to contribute to a new sense of identity and community for the larger Brush Park neighborhood, using Beaubien Street as a line of unification rather than separation. Our concept promotes mixed-income housing, Detroit business owners, and inclusive design strategies that contribute to this narrative and potential reality. The development proposal offers three distinct building typologies and four different unit types, introducing multiple experiences for residents and neighborhood users. This variety is crucial for Brush Park, which is undergoing redevelopment on a large scale, to ensure that new development has the same level of craft, care and richness as development in the neighborhood’s storied past.

Our design for Brush + Watson reflects an equitable, sustainable, resilient, and healthy living environment for those who live, work and play within and around Brush Park.