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Billie Jean King National Tennis Center Master Plan

winner of the "best sports event" of 2018  

It takes a visionary entrepreneurial client to embrace transformative change, taking bold design steps that lead to competitive advantage and breakthrough innovation. The United States Tennis Association is one such client that embarked on this level of risk and adventure two different times. ROSSETTI master planned the National Tennis Center for the first time in 1989 in order to maintain supremacy in the sport. Again in 2009, with the new focus on creating ‘experiential’ supremacy for their guests and players, the USTA and ROSSETTI embarked on an entirely new master plan for the 46.5-acre campus. It called for a complete redevelopment of all the stadiums and buildings from the original master plan, except for the base of Arthur Ashe Stadium which was outfitted with a new operable roof. The overarching design theme matched the audacity and power of the event itself, centering on the idea of “spectacle” as the ethos for the project. The functional goal was to increase the campus in scale and quality to create a sensational guest experience throughout the entire campus. The collection of buildings was arranged in ‘neighborhoods’ with unique personalities including dining, relaxation, celebration, tennis-focused viewing areas, as well as people-watching throughout. The original design palette of terra cotta and blue steel were both modernized to reflect the progressive identity of the organization.