The Parade Company, known for Detroit’s America’s Thanksgiving Parade® presented by Gardner White, is an organization known for a variety of community outreach events in the metropolitan area throughout the year. The desire to establish a new headquarters grew from a dream to build a studio which not only houses creativity and production, but that opens up opportunities for tours, events, education and jobs. The Parade Company’s new home is envisioned as a partnership with Detroit to set a new standard for opportunity, inclusion, creativity and fun, elevating the organization on a local and national level.

ROSSETTI’s initial test fit and rehabilitation studies allowed the Parade Company to communicate intent to the City of Detroit and the Historic Detroit Commission to secure the celebrated yet vacant Broadhead Armory for the future headquarters. Through the study, the team intends to preserve as much of the building and site along the Detroit River as possible. The proposed design will rehabilitate the north block along Jefferson Avenue, salvage historic interior elements, preserve the unique craftsmanship and repair the building where needed. In efforts to stop deterioration and stabilize the site, the project allows for the continuation of civic and cultural events while leveraging the resurgence of the Detroit riverfront and the surrounding neighborhood.

The new Parade Company Headquarters will transform the Brodhead Armory into a vibrant location that houses float construction, storage, offices and a public welcome center. The programming and architectural planning provides spaces that allow for efficient labor and imaginative use of machinery and tools for the production and storage of floats. The headquarters will create an improved visitor experience which not only exhibits the Parade Company, but allows one to indulge in the legacy associated with the Brodhead Armory. The building will also include flexible event space available for rent throughout the year. The conceptual design provides open spaces filled with natural light and utilizes bright colors and graphics to reinforce the Parade Company culture and to captivate and inspire creative minds.


Detroit, Michigan





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