This historic 1960’s bank building was purchased by Quicken Loans to be the largest training and call center for 1,500 employees. The fourteen-floor building is located in the heart of Detroit’s urban core, but was completely outdated.

ROSSETTI worked with Quicken Loans to create a highly motivational workplace environment that reflects the firm’s vibrant corporate culture. The design team chose intense graphics and neon colors, personified by the video gaming culture, as the building’s over-arching design theme.

The company’s cafeteria, called QZine, is designed to feel domestic, comfortable and hospitable. Favorite living spaces were developed into seating vignettes allowing people to choose where to sit based on their mood, activity or the time of day. Flexibility is a critical factor in the programming encouraging a variety of uses including eating, meeting, socializing and staging events. The project had a tight five-month deadline and was completed in September 2012.

The entire building is approachable, creating energy 24/7 in a collaborative environment. It exceeds all expectation of the Quicken Loans brand and has been named the “Best Workplace” by Crain’s Detroit Magazine for three years. QZine has been in high demand for party and Bar Mitzvah rental, generating additional revenue.


Detroit, Michigan