ROSSETTI’s transformative design of the Breslin Center has graduated the facility from a late 80’s utilitarian campus venue to a world-class professional entertainment center that proudly integrates the Spartan brand and legacy like no other collegiate arena in the world.

The upgrades began with the addition of the Gilbert Pavilion, a dramatic new entrance and lobby into the facility, which also incorporates the Tom Izzo Hall of History. Elements from LED displays to legacy artifacts celebrating the history of Spartan basketball. The transformation also included concourse, concessions, and toilet room upgrades to the existing arena. The renovation of the athletics facilities includes a recruiting lounge, a state-of-the-art training room, alumni locker room, kitchen and snack bar. A spa-like relaxation and recovery room was designed specifically for the women’s basketball team, featuring sensory deprivation pods, massage table, infrared sauna and a fireplace. 

ROSSETTI strengthened the approach and entry by creating a focal point at the Northwest campus entrance to better integrate into the campus community. The new Championship Plaza strengthens the approach and entry by accommodating the significant game-day flow of pedestrian traffic and embraces the iconic bronze statue of Spartan alum, Magic Johnson.


East Lansing, Michigan