ROSSETTI used the Return on Designprocess to study Seattle’s diverse fan base and align preferences with new products. The result is a relevant, flexible, and exciting renovation that amplifies Seattle’s vibrant sports and entertainment culture.

Extensive research of the Seattle market, including fan demographics and psychographics, purchasing behaviors, corporate presence, income analysis and primary data collection informed our preliminary design concepts. Our research showed that Seattle’s robust corporate composition could support additional suite product and that retail and hospitality sales were not performing at an optimal level. The analysis identified 3 areas for the first phase of renovations: two traditional premium suites and two non-traditional mini suites, a craft beer hall designed like a European supporter club, and enhancements to the underperforming Pro Shop.

In addition to interior stadium enhancement, the Seattle Seahawks recognized an opportunity to capitalize on underutilized land north of Lumen Field to generate better brand immersion and extend the fan experience. ROSSETTI explored an urban park concept with an amphitheater surrounded by Seattle-centric bars and restaurants, retail, hotels, and residential buildings, as well as studios for art and music.

This ROD renovation strategy generated considerable growth in revenue and will be profitable within several years of completion. 


Seattle, Washington




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