As the oldest continually operating NFL stadium, Lambeau Field is known as an icon in the history of football in the United States. Since 1957, the Green Bay Packers organization has proudly maintained the authenticity of the venue, securing numerous championships for the team and providing an eternal home for generations of Packers fans. Recognizing necessary upgrades to the facility due to adapting trends, the Green Bay Packers embarked on an 8-year, multi-phase reimagination of Lambeau Field with ROSSETTI leading the design. The project plan includes renovations throughout the entire stadium to enhance the guest experience, generate additional revenue and better connect the stadium to the newly completed Titletown District.

The Green Bay Packers desired creative strategies to transform underutilized and underserving food and beverage amenities at Lambeau Field. The traditional “belly-up” concession stands were not providing guests with the best hospitality nor producing revenue growth. ROSSETTI’s master plan explored renovating all concessions into new grab ‘n go markets, beverage-only markets and diverse social spaces. Not only were the upgrades about cuisine and aesthetics, but the concepts also enhanced operational efficiencies and reduced the demand on staffing. Always designing within the context, the team studied stadium circulation patterns, local fan demographics and Packers culture to strategically identify and locate the new amenities.

While implementing innovative and artisan updates, the design team’s commitment to the nostalgia of Lambeau Field is evident in the material choices. To compliment the Packers’ green used on structural elements in the stadium, the new hospitality spaces integrate neutral materials and colors. The use of white tile, gray brick, blackened steel, distressed wood and stainless-steel appliances provide consistency within all the spaces while also allowing for flexibility. This not only works for potential menu changes, but is set up to seamlessly integrate new corporate sponsorships, paving the way for future revenue growth. Additionally, illuminated signage in all the spaces utilizes the Packers green and gold, accomplishing the goal of creating spaces that feel as if they have always been part of the historic stadium.

Upon completion of the new food and beverage amenities, design improvements were implemented in the concourses. As a result of the new spaces, queues were moved out of the concourse, creating additional space for retail, portables and provided better circulation. New wayfinding and identification signage was installed throughout all the concourses, complementing both the existing and new architecture. Most impressive is the addition of structural gantries painted Packers gold. Wayfinding signage and digital screens are successfully incorporated into the gantries, providing significant advancements to guest circulation and movement in the concourses. These improvements, along with the new hospitality amenities and future phases, will continue to honor the legacy of Lambeau Field while increasing financial performance and enhancing the guest experience.


Green Bay, Wisconsin