In an effort to revitalize downtown Jacksonville, the Jaguars have partnered with the city to envision a mixed-use destination for visitors and new residents. The long-term effort includes stadium renovations, leading to the relocation of the team’s training areas and football operations. This opportunity allowed for the Jacksonville Jaguars to build a new performance center prioritizing player performance and enhancing the team’s competitiveness within the NFL. Additionally, the performance center is a new community asset, acting as a catalyst for the planned developments within and around the stadium.

Following the principle of “form follows function,” the performance center is a machine for winning and creates a culture of excellence. The design artfully composes all building systems into a fully coordinated experience and a timeless modern aesthetic. The player locker room is situated in the center and effectively connects to all team spaces and the practice fields. The football operations offices are a diverse mix of private and collaborative spaces to encourage camaraderie. This careful attention to programmatic adjacencies creates efficient movement and increases productivity for all team members. Dedicated public areas, including a pro shop, actively integrate the community into the performance center for training camp and other events.

The timeless design of the building, which is targeting LEED Silver certification, is defined by its use of precast concrete, metal and glass. Additional materials and intentional sustainability features are incorporated to blur the lines of interior and exterior. Bamboo paneling provides natural warmth at select areas on the exterior and interior. This compliments the use of light coloring to harness the power of ample natural light. Paying homage to the efficient floor plan, much of the interior materials provide porosity to maintain visual connection. The use of black and the Jaguars’ signature teal provides a pop of color without overwhelming players and staff. Embodying the future of Jacksonville, the new performance center is the best in every aspect while providing a destination within a new public realm.


Jacksonville, Florida