Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program (DBGYP) develops good citizenship in urban youth through a demanding boxing program, strong academic support and a connection to the community through voluntary service.

ROSSETTI donated full design services to create a new home for Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program. ROSSETTI’s involvement arose as DBGYP began looking for a new space to accommodate future growth and expanded programming. With 65 students enrolled, and a waiting list of 320, the old gym was overcrowded. ROSSETTI repurposed a 30,000 SF bookbinding plant into a functional and inspiring community asset. Aligning with the organization’s mission, the facility functions first and foremost as an academic and civic structure, with athletics as a secondary component.

The facility helps DBGYP create a safe and productive space for Detroit kids from the toughest neighborhoods, engage their families to become partners in their coaching and community, and develop strategic neighborhood partnerships with other businesses, organizations, and individuals, thus improving the quality of life for people who reside in the neighborhood.


Detroit, Michigan




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