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University of North Georgia Convocation Center

Multi-Purpose Arena is go-to venue for Athletics and Performance

The University of North Georgia’s Convocation Center is a $40-million, multi-purpose arena that serves as the focal point of campus life and the surrounding region.

The basketball-first, 103,000-square-foot arena is the anchor for a multitude of events, such as commencement ceremonies, concerts, and job fairs. The venue also features classrooms, labs, and physical training spaces for academic purposes. Built on a rocky hillside, the roof has a rolling barrel slope that opens wide for the entry doors and cascades down toward the main campus. The second floor features a transparent curtain wall that floods the building with natural light. 

The 3,600-seat bowl features an open concourse at grade. To provide maximum flexibility of uses, the lower half of the seating is configured on a track instead of being cast in place to allow more freedom for ceremonies, drills, and other functions beyond sports. 

ROSSETTI partnered with Lord Aeck Sargent on the project.