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Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium

new soccer stadium encourages participation from all ages

The Football Association of the People’s Republic of China set an ambitious goal to have up to 50 million people playing football regularly by 2020. The Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium is an opportunity to showcase Shanghai to the global architectural and football communities as a statement of the country and the city’s commitment to the sport of football.

The Stadium focuses on creating a world-class sports venue that places the spectator experience at the center. The seating bowl’s significantly steep seating offers improved sightlines without compromising the safety of the spectator. At every level, the number of seats per row is minimal so that fans travel only a short distance to reach the aisle. The stands offer multiple tiers of seating with various levels of amenities, enhancing the atmosphere for a diverse variety of supporter groups. 

The stadium bowl is wrapped in a delicate veil of folding louvers. The veil outline flows in the opposite direction to the profile of the stadium bowl, creating a wave to the upper part of the stadium. This rippling exterior façade reflects the city’s historic link to water and its layered white materials create a figurative reference to the Chinese Magnolia, the flower of Shanghai.

The masterplan integrates the stadium within the urban life of the Pudong District, where green open spaces and the waterfront street will add common public areas. In addition to an efficient connectivity, the pedestrian streets unify the four main blocks within the masterplan. The five areas of function -- leisure and recreation, SOHO community, creative and research offices, hotel, and retail shopping mall -- create a twenty-four hour community.

Illustrations done by: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects