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Rocket Fiber

A futuristic design for Detroit’s lightning-fast internet provider

Rocket Fiber is an innovative technology start-up providing lightning-fast internet service to Detroit residents and businesses. Needing a space to reflect its high-tech culture, Rocket Fiber challenged ROSSETTI to design their headquarters on budget with unique futuristic features that would serve as a launch pad for their cutting-edge thinking.

The ROSSETTI team took a deep dive into Rocket Fiber culture to create an engaging work environment. Borrowing from Detroit’s multi-layered aesthetic, the office features fibrous wood panels, local art, and exposed detailing. The tech start-up's outer atmospheric work environment is illuminated with constellations and orbs. Creativity and spontaneity are encouraged with writable wall surfaces and welcoming, laid-back communal spaces. Linear directional lighting leads to a centrally located kitchen, serving as a collaborative space for Rocket Fiber’s creative take-off. The clean and ultra-modern design allows this high-tech company to deliver a unique customer service experience that propels the City towards the future.