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Unique amenitiy address students mental and physical well-being

Working in conjunction with the MSU Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Suzy Merchant, ROSSETTI transformed a storage space into a 500 SF Recovery Room for the women’s basketball team. One of the design goals of the client was to make the space completely void of any Spartan branding, allowing the players to completely escape from their demanding life as a student athlete. The Relaxation Room features two sensory deprivation pods which are equipped with headphones, custom-lighting per the users’ preferences, and a custom-mounted “happy light.” Each pod is surrounded by a sheer curtain to give the option of additional privacy. The room also features an infrared sauna, masseuse table and a working fireplace. The design approach focuses on the separation of public and private, and the incorporation of technology for recovery. The use of architecture, technology and finishes creates different types of user experience: Private, Semi Private, and Open. Each level of experience provides unique opportunities for rest, recovery, meditation, team building, and flexibility.