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Maru Sushi

Winner of 2019 commerce design award

ROSSETTI transformed the empty, ground-level space of the historic Federal Reserve Building into one of the most popular restaurants in Detroit.  

The design team looked to the surrounding context of the historic buildings for materials and design inspiration. Specific remnant elements, such as the original terrazzo floor, clay fire block walls and defunct revolving door were intentionally integrated for their character to tell an unwritten story. The notion of a fisherman's “cast net” became the driver for the rest of the design and captured the ethereal qualities of the Maru Sushi brand. Materials were selected and forms were developed to parallel the adjacent lobby, but with added layers and modifications to create a warm and relaxing environment. The undulating ceiling correlates to the form found in the lobby, charred black to pay homage to traditional Japanese finishing techniques. Lights appear to hover overhead as if they had been caught in a massive net. The revolving door was repurposed with new life as a unique, private dining booth. During warm weather, a portion of the landscaped plaza is turned into an outdoor dining area.

According to the owner, since the restaurant opened in 2017 sales have been growing by 12% each year. The 4,370 SF restaurant is also the winner of the 2019 Commerce Design Award from Design Core. This is the fifth space in the Federal Reserve Building that ROSSETTI has designed.