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Los Angeles Clippers Training Facility

iconic Facility creates team focus

The LA Clippers had no place to call home. Players trained at a public health club and practiced at a junior college. The club’s offices were located miles away. This inhibited team camaraderie, coaching and day-to-day management functions. ROSSETTI’s design for the new training facility integrates all management and team functions under one roof. The interior is transparent and light-filled, featuring open views of the training courts, common areas and work spaces. The site includes two full-size courts with extensive amenities for players, as well as ample space for coaching and management offices. The dramatic glass facade is designed to create a personal connection to the community. The 120 foot scrolling dot matrix reader board informs the city of their team’s progress before, during and after game time. According to the Clippers, the open floor plan and special amenities have allowed the team to create a strong synergy between the players, coaching staff and the day-to-day operations of running the company. It’s been a terrific sales tool for recruitment of players and their new coach.