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Jim Brady's Ann Arbor

mid-century modern restaurant with 1950’s atomic age themes

The Jim Brady’s Ann Arbor location is a restaurant, cocktail lounge and venue all in one space. The two story, 7,000 SF space has two bars and three distinct dining rooms, incorporating jumbo TV screens and a mezzanine into the soaring space.

Designers explored the ideas of the 1950’s era in the design language and pattern, taking the themes over the top for the youth-oriented, collegiate market in Ann Arbor. Guests will find comfortable booths with lanterns and signs harkening back to the streets of Detroit. Replicas of old menus and 50’s photos cover the brick walls. 

One of the design goals was to incorporate maximum flexibility into the space so guests can choose their experience depending on their mood or time of day. The verticality of the space allows for more theatrical experiences at the upper levels while the lower level is a more laid-back atmosphere.

The original Jim Brady’s Detroit closed in 1990, but Brady’s grandson, Tom Brady Jr., is maintaining his legacy through his new restaurant.