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The Inverted Bowl by ROSSETTI


The traditional live entertainment arena concept has become stagnant. Fans want more, and owners want to give it to them. For thousands of years, the same basic principles of arena design have stayed the same: Tiered seating moving incrementally away from the action in the center of the arena. The inherent flaw in this design manifests itself in the seats that are highest up and furthest away from the action—the ones fans typically refer to as “nosebleed” seats. But, for thousands of years, fans were willing to overlook this design flaw because these seats, while having the farthest sightlines to the action, were also the cheapest tickets to buy.

The creation of forward-thrusting balconies eliminates single-use circulation concourses that are isolated from the bowl, producing animated and vibrant balcony levels that inspire social interactions and engagement. This design delivers in a way no other concept to date has, and it’s poised to revolutionize the arena experience for decades to come thanks to its ability to meet the needs of current fans, as well future generations.

The weight and structure of the Inverted Bowl is less than that of a traditional bowl. Due to the smaller size and need for less steel, construction can utilize smaller cranes. It results in an 18% smaller footprint, 22% less steel tonnage, and up to a projected 30% revenue increase.