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Detroit Hart Plaza Redesign

A plan to re-imagine Detroit’s beloved gathering place on the river.

As a passionate corporate citizen of Detroit and an expert in entertainment design, ROSSETTI became concerned with the current condition of Hart Plaza. The deteriorating infrastructure is unable to sustain large events, and is deserted on non-event days.

Our plan aims to inject life into this important civic park in the heart of Downtown Detroit. The urban planning and landscape design strategy focuses on creating a vibrant urban plaza, and a playful, festival-like environment for people of all ages to enjoy.

ROSSETTI analyzed the challenges and opportunities for the renovation and redevelopment of this vital public asset, including exploring potential revenue strategies. The design team engaged with City stakeholders and consultants, including the City of Detroit, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, the Valade family, Paxahau, and The Mannik & Smith Group, to discover the challenges and opportunities for redevelopment. The strategy focuses on creating a vibrant plaza that honors the music legacy in Detroit while creating a playful, festival-like environment. Spaces are designed to be enjoyed by a diversity of people during all times of day.