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Canadian Tire Centre

seating diversification creates VIBRANT BUSINESS NETWORKING CLUB

The three-tier venue has a seating distribution most similar to the old Roman Colosseum where the middle tier, reserved for premium suite holders, is the ultimate in exclusivity. Canadian Tire Center’s seating bowl was designed to be the steepest configuration of any arena at the time and was considered to have the best sightlines in all of hockey. The configuration enhanced the intimacy and intensity of experience for hockey games, concerts and other events.

The addition of Club Bell, a new 20,000-square-foot suite, created an intense transformation for premium guest experience as well as the economics. The club’s food, service and vibrant social space is strategically designed around a central area with an exposed chef’s kitchen and bar and lounge area. Club Bell directly connects the concourse to the bowl, allowing patrons to choose from three seating destinations.