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UCLA Health Training Center

A Training Facility Designed Around Basketball as a Lifestyle

The UCLA Health Training Center, Home of the LA Lakers, embodies a new generation of LA Lakers’ leadership to operate and grow in a space that reflects their culture, values, and goals. The design rethinks conventional programming for training facilities, traditionally based on a purely functional layout, and establishes a philosophy of integration between basketball operations and business operations.

Design architect ROSSETTI, and Associate Designer, Perkins + Will created a new headquarters and training center to embrace the team's legacy while looking to the future. The new 121,900 square foot, two-story facility, located in El Segundo, California, provides a state-of-the-art facility for practice, recovery and rehabilitation while reflecting the values of Integration, Legacy, and Partnership. 

Based on a domestic precedent as opposed to a corporate environment, the design creates a ‘home away from home’ and includes a 750-seat practice and exhibition court, offices for both basketball and business operations, an executive office overlooking two basketball courts, a weight and conditioning gym, plyometric training areas, a theater/screen room, a barbershop, a kitchen directed by a nutritionist, and a player quiet room, among others. 

On the exterior of the training center, 276 vertical fins surround the facility and were designed to imagine the individuals who had come before and will come after in creating a community of LA Lakers as they circle the building. 

Each fin is 2 feet x 4 feet and approximately 18’ tall. Functionally, the pattern of the fins provides light and visibility into and out of the facility while screening direct sunlight and heat. The façade also features integrated signage for sponsor, UCLA Health. There are 142 fins over the LA Lakers signage and 134 fins for UCLA Health signage.

Inside, the interplay of transparency and light between floors and spaces brings natural light into the building, and features an outdoor courtyard.

The players walk past the Hall of Fame and toward a gold door at the entry, reflecting on the legacy of the club and their position in the organization’s history. 

Operations, management and executive staff work from second-floor offices and conference rooms that have views into the ground-floor courts. Staff and visitors enter from the west side of the building. The Laker’s development league team, the South Bay Lakers, practices and plays games opem to the public on a 750-seat exhibition court. 

The connective program to integrate the franchise, program for public and private functions, and domestic-oriented player amenities dovetail with the organization’s culture and values as it strives to develop a new basketball legacy.