Primarily created to bridge the gap between traditional design and strategic analysis, Return on DesignTM (RODTM) serves as a data-driven filter developed to translate financial data into high performing design concepts. RODTM is a strategic approach to design that addresses the clients’ underlying business goals by leveraging the power of data.

We understand that the decision to mobilize a project is—at its core—an investment decision. As a scalable service, we tailor our process to inform and validate consumer demand, product inventory, and overall operational efficiencies for each specific venue. We work with both internal and external teams to determine key performance indicators that can measure the success of every revenue-generating space we recommend. This process provides our clients with design solutions based on real data and financial results.

The core RODTM process involves the execution of six distinct phases:
1. Identify the vision and key objectives
2. Develop a comprehensive list of opportunities
3. Test opportunities in financial and market conditions
4. Prioritize opportunities in an action plan
5. Implement the action plan
6. Validate the plan through success metrics

By generating value-oriented design solutions, we determine the best use for the venue while creating unique and identifiable experiences. This signature process is scalable to each project. It can include market studies and benchmarking, a holistic master plan, identification of priorities and phasing, and an in-depth pro forma of the building with ROI projections. This unique RODTM methodology consistently delivers exceptional business results for our clients.


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