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I want to work at ROSSETTI, where do I apply? 

Please send resumes and portfolio to If you have the experience and qualifications that matches what we are looking for, our Human Resources Manager will reach out to you to schedule an interview.

What is the social environment like at ROSSETTI? 
ROSSETTI is a very social culture. We think it's important for all members of our staff to interact with each other and to have fun together inside and outside of the office.

Do you offer paid parental leave? 
Yes, we do! ROSSETTI provides paid parental leave to employees following the birth of an employee’s child or placement of a child due to adoption or foster care. Employees receive a maximum of two weeks paid leave and are also eligible to participate in our short-term disability program for additional time to bond with your child.

What types of software programs will be available to me?
We utilize Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Software (ACAD, Revit, 3D Studio), Newforma Project Center and Bluebeam as the baseline software for projects. 

I plan to take my architectural licensure exam soon, will I be reimbursed for that?
Yes, we encourage all full-time staff members to obtain their professional architecture license at the earliest opportunity. For Principals, ROSSETTI will pay the license fees for all states required for ROSSETTI projects. For all other employees, ROSSETTI will pay the license fee for one state only, unless licenses are needed for ROSSETTI projects. 

What are “summer hours?”
ROSSETTI offers a Summer Hours Program, in which employees can participate if they choose. This means that from July til Labor Day, eligible employees work four 9-hour days, Monday through Thursday to receive a half day on Friday, OR every other Friday off.

What is the dress code policy?
We believe our culture says a lot about who we are to our clients, employees, and the rest of the outside world. For this reason, we encourage creative expression in personal appearance and attire, we just ask to dress accordingly to the requirements of the position. ROSSETTI has adopted a professional casual dress standard for regular day-to-day activities. 

How much paid time-off will I get per year?
Depending on your position, eligible employees receive anywhere from 12 to 25 PTO days per year. ROSSETTI also offers 7-paid holidays per year to eligible employees.