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The Corner Mixed-Use Development


The Corner is a residential mixed-use development located in Detroit's historic Corktown neighborhood. The site is significant as the former location of Tiger Stadium, the beloved ballpark at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. It had been empty since the 2008 demolition of the stadium, however the former ball field remained an important asset to the community. ROSSETTI, in partnership with Larson Realty Group (LRG), designed a new, mixed-use development that creatively wraps around the iconic ball field.

The Corner features approximately 26,000 SF of commercial retail space, with thoughtfully curated opportunities for local Detroit businesses and entrepreneurs. Above the retail podium, three stories of 111 residential units offer views to the reactivated ballpark, as well as vistas along the key axes of Michigan and Trumbull Avenues. 

Design imperatives include: neighborhood contextuality, active street frontage, good sight lines to the ball field, respect for historic legacy of the site, contemporary aesthetic and efficient use of the site. 

This project leveraged innovations in modular construction to be the first large-scale, multi-family modular residential building in Detroit. LRG pursued modular design and construction to provide a unique value proposition for the development. The project also reframes ideas about modular by making the design seamless and elegant from the exterior to the interior. 

Designers used a mixed delivery system to take advantage of modular construction in a systematic way for the apartment units, while creating a customized design for units and first floor spaces that wrapped around the corner.



A unit is not the same as a module. These modules are 60 feet long and include two units and the corridor.

The 96 modules (111 units) were delivered to and erected at the project site atop of the site-built retail podium. The living units were manufactured with the interior finishes including flooring, trim and doors. The modules were erected on the podium in 21 days. 

Modular Block Drop

The units were manufactured in a controlled environment and delivered to the site with interiors fully complete.

For the corner units, designers used a customized configuration that featured an enlarged two-bedroom unit. The units were field-built to take advantage of the unique shape the corner and add specially-designed features, such as large windows. For the majority of the development, designers used a strategic approach to the one and studio apartments to obtain the most efficient layout.


The use of modular construction allowed site work to proceed at the same time as the units were being assembled off-site in the production facility. The result was a shortened time table for tenant move in and earlier earned revenue for Larson Realty Group.