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The Sunoco Injector Story

A long-time partner of the International Speedway Corporation, Sunoco signed a multi-year agreement to allow for naming rights on the fifth injector at the new Daytona International Speedway. Rights to this injector also presented Sunoco with a challenge; how to effectively brand 20,000 SF of space (spanning over 4 levels) in a way that would engage, not overwelm NASCAR fans.

ROSSETTI, partnered with Dimensional Innovations, held a discovery workshop with Sunoco to discover the vision for the project. The team conceptualized how the Sunoco Injector would reinforce Sunoco's position as the official fuel of NASCAR while engaging fans that would still drive consumer consideration after their experience has passed.

ROSSETTI devised a strategic theme for Sunoco's vision - Sunoco fuels the engines and the fans fuel the stadium. Together they define the Daytona racing experience. After the Discovery Session, Exhaust, Combustion, Compression, and Intake defined the design framework that would lead to create the four levels of the Sunoco Injector. Intake being the arrival experience, Compression/Combustion as the mid-level, and exhaust as the final experience - defining the Sonoco history + heritage and the legacy of innovation.

Level 1 > Intake

 From concept to reality, renderings of the Sunoco Injector shown above and completed project photos shown directly underneath

LEVEL 2-3 > Compression/Combustion

 Renderings and Inspirational images ROSSETTI designers used to create the larger than life, interactive Sunoco tankers

LEVEL 4-5 > Exhaust

Conceptual design for a retail store on the fifth floor of the injector