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ROSSETTI Wins AIA Detroit Award for Arthur Ashe Stadium's Retractable Roof

The Detroit chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Detroit) has announced ROSSETTI as the winner of the Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) category for the Arthur Ashe Stadium Retractable Roof. TAP tracks the computer technology that weaves in and out of the life of the building, including the design, construction, and management.

As befitting the U.S. Open, one of the largest annual sporting events in the world, the retractable roof vastly improves the quality of the spectacle. The roof was a necessary addition to Arthur Ashe Stadium – saving events plagued by rainouts and cooling spectators during the summer season. ROSSETTI designed an innovative structure that remained respectful to the existing architectural context, while remaining a technological improvement.

“The great thing the new operable roof did was enhance the visceral stature of Ashe. It feels much more impressive as a building,” said Matt Rossetti. ROSSETTI was tasked with designing an elegant structure, as aesthetics were a primary objective from the USTA. The skin is a lightweight, durable, Teflon-coated membrane that allows outdoor quality of daylight transmission while blocking 90% of solar radiation.

Congratulations to the ROSSETTI team!