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Tiger Stadium Partners (TSP), made up of Larson Realty Group, ROSSETTI, and a bevy of local consultants, were recently selected to “Revive the Corner” at Detroit’s Old Tiger Stadium site.

There are few sites in Detroit that evoke more of an emotional response than that of Old Tiger Stadium. Though the stadium was demolished in 2009, baseball fans from across the country continue to visit and pay tribute to the 'hallowed baseball' ground. 

It was this notion that inspired our team’s winning proposal for the redevelopment. The vision behind “Revive the Corner” is to transform the storied site into an activated, mixed-used development that builds on the Corktown neighborhood’s vibrancy and history while providing economic opportunities for generations to come. While Detroit PAL will focus on restoring the playing field and their new adjacent headquarters, TSP’s master plan includes the design of townhomes, apartments, and retail that facilitate memory-making, nostalgia, and community sustainability. 

TSP plans to work closely with neighborhood groups, the City of Detroit and PAL to reactivate this treasured piece of Detroit history. Thoughtful programming that reinforces the existing neighborhood momentum and provides an urban community asset will be a key success factor for the development. This could include views into the field from the residential and retail spaces to strengthen site connectivity, or the creation of curated moments in an exterior corridor. Bringing back some of the old style Detroit row houses, incorporating the original Navin Field gate details, encouraging organic retail options and highlighting the famous Michigan and Trumbull corner are just a few early design ideas that will help maintain a sense of place for the new development.