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The 21st century has seen some fairly significant advancements in arena design, but it’s come at a price. As arenas have expanded to accommodate luxury suites and high-end concourse attractions, the less expensive seats have moved so far away from the action that the fans feel detached from the in-game experience. But while it’s true that those seats typically generate the least amount of revenue, their importance should not be understated. Typically, the fans sitting in the “cheap seats” are amongst the loudest and most passionate fans, willing to sit far away from the ice just for the opportunity to be inside the building. And for the players, having those fans sitting so far away takes away from the excitement of playing in a loud, energetic building. Fans in the far reaches of the Staples Center or the TD Garden don’t feel close to the action, and the players consequently look microscopic.

ROSSETTI has taken dramatic steps to address these concerns, and their futuristic Inverted Bowl arena design offers terrific promise. Not only does the design bring the upper-deck fans much closer to the action (thus also increasing the crowd volume inside the bowl), but it also offers the ancillary benefits of a larger concourse area and a smaller “footprint” (meaning, less real estate is required to construct the building).

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