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The Miami Dolphins broke ground today on a new training facility that could become the best in the NFL.

The team says that they are building a “best in class” complex that will attract free agents and help improve the team’s training.

The facility is being built on a Hard Rock stadium parking lot, on the northwest corner of the property.

Dolphins players will have access to significantly improved facilities.

The complex will be 217,200 square feet complex – more than 50,000 square feet larger than the team’s current facility. It will include 125,000 square feet feet of training facility area, and a 92,200 sq. feet indoor field area.

The complex will have an innovation hub for new technology, spatial computing and a walkthrough space, hydrotherapy area, fuel bar, recovery area including cryotherapy and isolation tanks, an athletic training room with expansive rehabilitation space, meeting rooms with direct access to the fields, a two-story weight room with a cardio deck, locker rooms, equipment space, dining hall, auditorium, an outdoor practice area with two full natural grass fields, full indoor practice facility, a lobby with a grand staircase, office area, press area, fan amenities and a broadcast area.

It will cost over $135 million to build the new facility. By comparison, the entire Joe Robbie Stadium cost $115 to build when it was completed (in 1987 dollars). Baptist Health is partnering to name the complex, and a Baptist sports performance clinic inside will be open to the public.

The Dolphins moved from Miami-Dade to their current Davie training facility in 1993, and have not been to a Super Bowl or AFC Championship since then.

Rossetti is the architect. Moss Construction is the contractor.

Completion is scheduled for Spring 2021.