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Matt Rossetti spearheading sports anchored development, new soccer stadium coming to Venice

As seen in the recent Italian publication, La Repubblica, ROSSETTI will be designing a new 25,000 stadium in Venice, Italy which will be the new home of football club, Venezia FC. The stadium will be part of a sports anchored development that will include a 7,500 seat theatre, 430,000 SF of commercial space and an 80 room hotel development. According to firm President, Matt Rossetti who is leading the firm's efforts in Italy, "The district around the stadium is just as important as the stadium itself. The stadium must have a beating heart within the city, not an isolated pulse. More than 30 million tourists visit Venice each year - why not give them a place that they can eat, shop, and play."

The design of the stadium reflects the context of the Venetian landscape using natural elements and celebrated characteristics. Inspired by Venetian Murano Glass, the stadium design uses a “bowl within a bowl” concept and the integration of the St-Marks iconic winged Lion as a symbol of Venice. The mixed-use development is rooted in an urban village concept, with aspiration as a catalyst to future surrounding development.

This is the first stadium in Italy that ROSSETTI will design.