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Louis Armstrong Stadium: By the numbers





Details/Fun Fact

284,000   Weight in pounds of each retractable panel   Equal to the weight 3.3 New York City Subway Cars
94,500   Total area (in square feet) of the roof   Total size of the roof is the surface area of 7 Olympic sized swimming pools.
38,160   Square feet of the roof opening   Opening area is more than18 singles tennis courts
14,250   Individual terracotta louvers make up the facade of the stadium    
14,069   Seating capacity of Armstrong Stadium    
2,380   Number of aisle steps to the bowl   More than to the top of One World Trade
2,076   Feet in cable length   More than the length of 40 NYC subway cars
120   Horsepower of the motors used to power the roof system    
120   LED sports lights used to light the roof    
124    Height in feet to the top of the roof   6 feet shorter than the height of the Statue of Liberty (from the base to the torch)
73   Percentage of the suns energy that can pass through the PTFE fabric panels   PTFE is a Teflon coated polytetrafluoroethylen fabric, that is stretched over the framing system, and which allows the sun to reflect off of the panels, making the stadium more energy efficient
50   Miles per hour of maximum wind speed that the roof can still operate   The average speed of a severe thunderstorm that starts from dead calm reaches about 31 miles per hour.
25   Maximum travel speed of the roof panel in feet per minute    
13.5   Miles of terracotta lovers that make up the stadium facade   Laid end to end, the louvers would stretch longer than Manhattan Island
9   3D modeling tools were used to design the stadium    Revit, Revit Structure, Revit MEP, Navisworks, Grasshopper, Rhino, Tekla, Inventor, Dynamo 
3   Number of video display boards    Two interior and one on the exterior
2   Number of retractable panels that move to close the roof   Each panel travels on a 27" wheel along a steel track 
1   Number of winches used to open and close the roof   The operation of the winches is similar to gantry + bridge crane technology
0.03   Thickness in inches of the PTFE roof fabric   Equal to the thickness of a credit card