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Ford Field North Suite Islands: A Study of Form & Construction

From the inside of the North Side Suites in Ford Field, you have the perfect view of the game below; but when the Lions finally score and you jump up to celebrate, you don’t want to put your drink down on any standard table. That’s why the North Suite islandsROSSETTI's custom-designed banquet tablesare the perfect design companion to your in-game experience.

To better understand how such a unique, customized furniture design is created, the in-house team at ROSSETTI divulges how the island’s design evolved from a conceptual rendering to a three-dimensional object.

The island is a unique focal point to the suite design. Since the North Side's design aesthetic was inspired by the Motor City, the foundation of the piece is derived from how automotive designers carve and shape clay to create aerodynamic models. Just like those fine machines roll off the assembly lines, the island is the suite’s workhorse: not only does it have to function as a bar/display, but it’s the focal hang-out point.

As an object, the “thing” can’t help but be informed by the spirit of Detroit. The formal bends and curves mimic fenders, hood scoops, and the fascia. Design concepts began by amassing ideas of craft (curation, warmth, comfort, natural materials) and innovation (movement, industry, boldness, form) that define Motown. How it abstracts itself is through the implementation of CNC technology (a process involving the usage of computers to control machine tools). The stacked, plywood layers seem to float and hover.  

Behind the glass doors of a ROSSETTI conference room stands a full-scale prototype. The steps taken to craft the piece showcase the expertise of the team. A number of laser cut models and three-dimensional print studies were first created to better understand how to create the cut profiles, how to turn the mass into plywood, how to keep it from toppling over, etc. By the time it reached Ferrante Manufacturing, the eastside Detroit fabricator, the ROSSETTI design team had expanded their knowledge of the tools and technical aspects, allowing a more constructive relationship when building the eight custom objects. Not only was the team given full design control of the geometry, but the understanding of tools granted them a more seamless process.

The new islands provide an iconic focal point to the North Side Suites that reflect the design inspiration of the Motor City. Additionally, they are a perfect example of ROSSETTI's commitement to enhancing our prototype and fabrication abilities.