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Embarking on a new building program in 2020? Consider this Values-Driven Approach.

You’ve spent years thinking about your building or renovation project. You’ve mulled over a thousand details, and you’re feeling the pressure. Take it from someone who’s led hundreds of workshops; there’s a proven method that consistently gets projects off to a great start.

You may be wondering if I know of a better way to plan or design. While those things are important, what I’m talking about is a pause for deep introspection.

This is the last thing an executive team wants to hear when it’s go-time. Yet, it’s the critical step that many companies miss as they rush into a design project. Why is it important and how is it done with transformative results? 

Unshackle yourself from project parameters. If only for a few hours, leave the program, cost, site selection, and myriad details behind. Instead, focus on the experience of the space. How do you want it to feel? What speaks to you, your employees and guests about your culture? Is there another way to approach the same issue with exponential vs. incremental results?

Let your team out of the cage, too. Gather your executive and strategic staff, sales, operations, IT and HR teams. Allow them to engage so that the softest and strongest voices are heard equally.

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Listen and watch. During an immersive Discover Session, we lead a guided experience that encourages imagining without limits. Rigorous conversation and debate are sparked through evocative wordplay and imagery. Smaller groups of four to five are formed to enhance collaboration. Innovative ideas are unleashed and tested with a variety of parameters based on newly defined company values. The session wraps up with team leaders articulating the collective aspirations of their groups.  

Let yourself be activated. Leadership teams at all levels find these sessions to be intriguing and mind-stretching. As arbiters, our job is to take the information and form it into a crystallized definition of the project’s values and vision.

LA Lakers Training Facility Design Guidelines

The partnering and collaboration that occurs throughout the Discover Workshop is the foundation for trust and commitment in these outcomes. These shared values form a powerful roadmap for immense change both culturally and financially.

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