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$1B Investment in Detroit to include MLS Stadium

MLS Detroit Stadium_Bowl Shot_ROSSETTI

Adapted from an article written by Vince Ellis at The Detroit Free Press

Dan Gilbert and partners are proposing a $1-billion investment at Wayne County's unfinished jail site for a 25,000-seat Major League Soccer stadium and other developments, including restaurants, hotel rooms, and a commercial office tower. 

The stadium also would be used for amateur soccer, rugby, lacrosse other sports - and as a venue for other major events. 

"There's a lot of work to be done," Gilbert said, saying that specifics on the square footage had yet to be worked out. "Right now, what we're trying to do Is paint the vision for everybody that that absolutely can be done."

MLS Detroit Stadium_Street View_ROSSETTI

A day after the news came to light that Major League Soccer could be coming to Detroit, key figures in the effort met this afternoon downtown in the offices of ROSSETTI to outline their plans for the team stadium and other developments. 

To bring an expansion franchise to the city, pro sports team owners -Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores -have united forces. Gilbert, Quicken Loans founder, is a majority owner in the Cleveland Cavaliers. Gore owns the Detroit Pistons. 

"It's a perfect match between the MLS and Detroit," said Am Tellem, vice chairman of Palace Sports & Entertainment. "It starts first and foremost with the fans and their passion for the game. As all of you know, there is considerable support and great Interest In soccer throughout Detroit and Michigan."


They also were joined by league commissioner Don Garber -who showed a video promoting the development and recounted the history of Michigan's connection to professional soccer, starting with hosting World cup games In 1994 -and Matt Rossetti, president and CEO of the ROSSETTI architecture firm, which specializes In sports entertainment venues.

But the plan Is far from a done deal, and more than announcing plans, Giibert also was appealing to officials who would need to be on board to make way for the development.