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Venues Today
POSTED 10.12.2017
Nosebleeds no more, said Matt Rossetti, architect of a new “inverted bowl” design he said can reimagine the way arena construction, siting and seating all occurs. After spending seven years on the design process, walking through construction and engineering feasibility and multiple design iterations, Rossetti’s eponymous firm unveiled the inverted bowl design this week. “It is going to be incredible for everything,” he said. “This thing is going to be so frickin’ cool.”
POSTED 09.11.2017
Coming back from a record-breaking U.S. Open, President and Chief Architect of Serious Fun, Matt Rossetti speaks about the tennis center's new palette of materials, smart master-planning, and how the new retractable roof works during rain or shine.
POSTED 02.17.2016
A long-time partner of the International Speedway Corporation, Sunoco signed a multi-year agreement to allow for naming rights on the fifth injector at the new Daytona International Speedway. Rights to this injector also presented Sunoco with a challenge; how to effectively brand 20,000 SF of space (spanning over 4 levels) in a way that would engage, not overwelm NASCAR fans.
Sports Business Journal
POSTED 02.15.2016
The FIRST and only motorsports stadium is ready for the iconic Daytona 500! Daytona Rising built a modern stadium, while maintaining the soul of the racetrack.