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Fabrication Architecture News + Insights

POSTED 01.26.2018
For many designers at ROSSETTI, fabrication is an indispensable outlet for a successful design practice and project delivery. This video spotlights what our fabrication team has accomplished over the past few years and how they have creatively solved complex project issues through fabrication. 
POSTED 11.06.2017
Why Do We Prototype? The ability to prototype is a tool in our design toolbox that allows us to explore, convey, and resolve multiple aspects of design in a controlled environment instead of on-site where costs and time grow exponentially.  It's also a form of universal communication between ourselves, clients, contractors, and consultants.  CONCESSION SIGNAGE Why Was It Built?
POSTED 09.05.2017
From the inside of the North Side Suites in Ford Field, you have the perfect view of the game below; but when the Lions finally score and you jump up to celebrate, you don’t want to put your drink down on any standard table. That’s why the North Suite islands―ROSSETTI's custom-designed banquet tables―are the perfect design companion to your in-game experience.