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Federal Reserve Building

Historic Building Renovated for 21st Century Use

The 1920’s-era Federal Reserve Bank sat vacant for a decade before Bedrock Real Estate Services purchased the building. The classic revival style building is distinguished by its glass annex, designed by Minoru Yamasaki in 1951.

The design team worked with Detroit’s Historic District Commission to retain the building’s exterior architectural heritage while transforming the interior for 21st Century functionality. The ground floor space was opened up to allow for transparent views into two new restaurants, Maru Sushi and Fort Street Food Gallery.

The building entry was restored to its original design and connected to its exterior plaza, which features comfortable seating and lush landscaping. The enlarged, light-filled lobby, offers views through the building and into the retail spaces.

ROSSETTI also designed its own offices on the fourth floor, offices for Varnum Law and Quicken Loans Fulfillment, and the two ground-floor restaurants.