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Edmonton Arena + Entertainment District

vibrant winter garden integrates arena into existing development

ROSSETTI was the initial architect hired to design the proposed NHL arena for the Edmonton Oilers and a six block urban district masterplan for development. ROSSETTI created a year-round, vibrant, activated entertainment village conceived as a celebration of urban life in North America. This “Winter Festival City” was the hub of continuous activity within the district. The Winter Garden acted as an enormous front lobby for the arena and pre-event space, integrating it into the District and surrounding mixed-use development. ROSSETTI connected the plaza to Edmonton’s LRT lightrail system, bus stops, bike paths and pedestrian pathways that would link between the project’s downtown location, surrounding suburbs, three universities and existing commercial/cultural core. The masterplan also carefully considered various users and coordinated zones within the District to accommodate shared civic, art, residential and commercial uses. 

Oilers fans could either stay in the Winter Garden and watch the game or enter at the concourse level. Every view from the concourse was connected to the bowl and completely open to the event action. Strategic programming included a variety of premium products such as club, loge and gondola seating, segmented to the corporate mix and demographics of Edmonton. The unusually steep seating with multiple balcony levels was designed to create an intimate, yet highly-charged environment for NHL hockey games, concerts and events. Several of ROSSETTI's conceptual ideas have been incorporated into the final design.