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Ariens Hill

Pavilion and sledding hill wins prestigeous design awards 

As the centerpiece of a 10-acre park immediately adjacent to Lambeau Field, Ariens Hill is the hub of activities within the park and central to the placemaking aspirations for the development. It was essential for the design team that the concept for this unique building was specific to the place. Envisioned as a piece of earth pushed upward on a crystalline block of permafrost ice, Ariens Hill embodies the idea of the Frozen Tundra that inspired it.

“The Hill” was designed to draw people throughout the entire year. During winter months the 30% slope becomes a sledding hill that passes over a skating pond and trail that were designed with the building by ROSSETTI to wind beneath the structure. In warmer seasons the hill becomes an inclined lawn facing the stadium that can be used for concerts and recreation, and the skating area below becomes a public plaza. Throughout the year a café on the ground level and the event space on the second floor are open to the public.

The hill’s multi-use, multi-seasonal nature has been well received by the Ashwaubenon community. Additionally, the project is the recipient of an AIA Detroit Building Award and an AIA Michigan Building Award.