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Amazon Headquarters

move here. move the world.

The Detroit Riverfront Neighborhood Master Plan envisions a world-class waterfront development that offers a unique lifestyle not found anywhere else. The plan stitches together the strict city grid with one of the region’s greatest natural assets, for a highly walkable and dynamic environment.

Quicken Loans asked ROSSETTI to be involved with the Amazon HQ bid to reimagine a vast area of parking lots into a 28-acre, 5.4-million-squarefoot mixed-use development. It was envisioned to become a vibrant workplace environment, a new home to thousands of Detroiters, a destination for restaurants and retail, and a major public space that builds upon the city’s reinvestment in Detroit’s historic riverfront. The planning process included visioning, context and site analyses, research and best practices, programming, and many design iterations. The resulting plan not only includes an actionable master plan primed for implementation but also workable strategies for open space, streets, parking and mobility, zoning, phasing, and design guidelines.