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What Career Minded Millennials Want: ROSSETTI's Michael Paciero Speaks Up

We all know the stereotypes around millennials in the workforce, but what do millennials in metro Detroit really think about their workplace? If you are among the many businesses grappling with an influx of young talent, here's some insight into what millennials look for in an ideal work environment. 

Crain's Detroit interviews ROSSETTI's Michael Paciero, a virtual design and construction project coordinator and a former Challenge Detroit fellow on his views of what millennials in Detroit really want and expect from their employer. Their generation will be the topic of discussion at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s upcoming Attracting and Engaging Millennials event on April 12.

Michael Paciero, Virtual Design + Construction Project Coordinator

What is your ideal workspace environment?

I love the open concept. I think all companies should do away with the cubicle, at least those with tall walls. Aesthetically it is very pleasing, very productive and very open – there are no drop (ceiling) tiles. We also designed a rooftop deck into our space, which lets us get outside in the nicer weather.

What qualities do you admire in leadership at ROSSETTI?

I admire the fact that leadership has goals and communicates them to everybody. We commonly talk about our “BHAG,” which is “big hairy audacious goal.” And everyone in the office knows what that is, so I would say that leadership is very transparent about where we want to go as a firm. Plus, they are progressive. They want to try new things and experiment. That attitude is very recognizable.

What kind of benefits do you expect from an employer?

Full benefits are expected: health care, eye care, dental care and retirement plan. I definitely want a solid amount of paid time off (PTO) as well. To have flexible hours is one of the intangibles, too. If something comes up that forces me to leave early, I can make it up the next day. Millennials are always moving in a bunch of different directions; I have several other interests that I want to do outside my normal 40-hour schedule, so the flexibility is nice.

Why have you remained at your company?

After my Challenge Detroit fellowship ended, I had the opportunity to work with leadership to define and shape what is now my position at Rossetti, since it hadn’t existed before. That was very attractive. As a result, I believe I can grow here, have latitude to implement new processes, and try new things to better the firm. There is also the culture – I don't think I could find a place that can beat it, especially in this industry. One of our four core values is “Have Serious Fun”. This attitude, on top of the progressive mindset to always do better, is very motivating.

Blog adapted from an original article by Nick Mattar for Crain's Detroit Business. To be directed to the original article, click here