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ROSSETTI's QLINE Stations featured in Urban Land Magazine

Urban Land Magazine has published a piece on the buildings we use for public transit that balance architecture with functionality, and highlighted ROSSETTI's QLINE stations alongside other projects like Arnhem Central in Holland and the Second Avenue Subway in Manhattan. Here's a snippet culled from the article below.

A consortium of private investors formed a nonprofit organization, M-1 Rail, and partnered with local, state, and federal governments to accomplish the unlikely: a streetcar line for the Motor City’s downtown. Local firm ROSSETTI worked with M-1 and the local office of AECOM to design 20 stations along a 3.3-mile (5.3 km) stretch of Woodward Avenue. The goal was to create distinctive shelters that would combine transparency and durability while blending harmoniously into the city.

Constructed of anti-graffiti precast concrete and laminated glass, each QLINE station incorporates a different color of tiles made by a local tile manufacturer. Each shelter has its own corporate sponsor, noted with a plaque, and comes equipped with bench seating, heating, ticket vending machines, next-vehicle alert screens, and an emergency phone. The stations also provide access to free wi-fi, as do the streetcars themselves. After the system opened in May 2017, sponsors enabled free fares through early September to encourage ridership.