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POSTED 08.27.2014
DAYTONA RISING: FROM AGING TRACK TO HI-TECH MOTORSPORTS MECCA By: Robert Sorokanich, GIZMODO Daytona International Speedway is undergoing its first major renovation in 55 years. Its first ever, really. On a recent visit, we found out just how far 40 million tons of steel, miles of fiber, and an eye towards the future will take an aging behemoth—one that can swallow 14 football stadiums whole.
POSTED 06.17.2014
During a recent trip to Korea, Sung Jung, Project Manager and Senior Associate at ROSSETTI was interviewed by the Kyunghyang Shinmum Daily Newspaper on the importance of integrating sports anchored developments into the community.
POSTED 06.28.2012
BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY MARRIOTT CENTER At 40 years old, the Marriott Center at Brigham Young University is known for its great basketball culture and sold out games. To keep a new generation of Cougar fans happy, BYU hired ROSSETTI to improve its guest comfort for the north court-side seating.   This involved not only swapping out bench seating with padded chairs, but also increasing leg room by designing deeper treads. ROSSETTI performed a detailed study to arrive at a solution, mitigate secondary implications and determine the ROI. 
POSTED 08.03.2011
VIPs attend sporting events for the same reasons as the masses: to watch competition at the highest level of play, support their teams and socialize with friends and business associates. They also want to be a part of the emotional vibe created by thousands of fans as they react to the highs and lows of the action. Yet, VIPs demand more amenities, comfort and aesthetics. So how does a designer accommodate this duality? How can a VIP engage in community but enjoy exclusivity?
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